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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Eve of Christmas Eve!

Well since my goal is to write on this blog daily I find myself combing my mind of today's events to find something of interest to place here in this empty space. And I have a few thoughts....
Supposedly tomorrow a short story of mine will be published on multiple websites since I won a writing contest I entered at the end of November. I will post the link once I receive it tomorrow. This is exciting as it will be my first piece published.
I tried to make a Turkish Vegetable Dish for dinner tonight - horrible! A lot of work, mountains of vegetables which led to an enormous amount of leftovers and lacking in taste... So I suppose tomorrow's lunch will consist of these leftovers and some doctoring to make it more interesting to eat - at least that is the plan.
I have a few more presents to wrap before I can officially say I am done with this holiday! This time of year is not as fun as when we are gainfully employed - too many restrictions in my mind when shopping on a budget. But hopefully this time next year this country will be experiencing something better.
And after wrapping some presents tonight I plan to crank out some words - maybe even some more on my novel. I have a few ideas brewing in my head that haven't made it onto a piece of paper yet - maybe tonight.

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