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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring Semester in School

Well before I made promises of being and writing in this each week I should have recognized the demand from school this semester. I am taking 4 classes this term in which 3 are online and one in class. The third online class doesn't even start until March but the other 2 are taking up a lot of my spare time. Whew.

The tree frog survived his week of domesticated life and I released him back into the wild. The other large one that I thought had died is in fact alive so that was exciting.

I have been cooking a lot of new recipes so far this year. Majority of them have been a success and are now part of my paper recipe montage that is accumulating in one of my cabinets, but I did make a shitake mushroom pasta that was horrible. Oh well.

Still on the neverending task of job hunting, which is quite discouraging since it has been soooo long. And I have not found myself in the gym in quite some time, fell out of the routine I guess. I need to nip that bad habit in the butt this week so hopefully today will be the day back to the gym!

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